LYNQ restaurant in south Fort Myers has Blu Sushi roots, worldly menu

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Together with business partner Jean-Claude Roge, Whitaker designed the interior of the restaurant and its patio area. Some of LYNQ’s notable features include a large video wall that plays music videos from a playlist of 20,000-plus songs, and an element called the “fire wall” that incorporates pieces of metal and wood.

This emphasis on unique design is a trademark of Whitaker’s other restaurants. He helped launch the original Blu Sushi in 2003. In May 2016 he and Roge opened Blanc, a narrow and much smaller space, but one that's just as stunning as LYNQ.

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— Artis Henderson

Diverse cuisines nd a common bond at LYNQ

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Design is an element of the restaurant experience that rarely garners a lot of attention, at least in Southwest Florida. Tropical and coastal clichés abound here, with their pastel hues and prefabricated marine knick-knacks. One place closes and some other Bobby Flay wannabe comes in with a sure-fire food gimmick but fails to invest time, vision or money into creating a noteworthy setting.

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LYNQ Focuses on Multiple Cultures and Cuisines

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One of Fort Myers' newest restaurants, LYNQ, which resides on Summerlin Road, opened May 2017. Owned by Chris Whitaker and Jean Claude Rogue, who also owns Blu Sushi and Blanc , both on McGregor Boulevard, the restaurant is inspired by the many fabulous cultures and cuisines across the globe.

Photo courtesy of LYNQ on Facebook.
— Kevin